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Introduction to Limeroad Customer Care Number – In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, efficient customer care is paramount. LimeRoad, a prominent online shopping platform, prioritizes user satisfaction through a robust customer support system. This comprehensive guide delves into the various avenues available for users to seek assistance, covering helpline numbers, email support, the role of the Grievance Officer, and the utility of the FAQs panel.


LimeRoad’s customer care framework is geared towards providing swift and effective solutions to user queries. Emphasizing the importance of customer feedback, LimeRoad continually refines its support mechanisms to enhance user experiences. Offering a spectrum of contact options, LimeRoad ensures accessibility and convenience for its diverse user base.

Limeroad Customer Care Number – Direct Assistance

For immediate assistance, LimeRoad provides a dedicated helpline reachable at 01246650600. This direct line serves as a quick and efficient way for users to address concerns, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Users can connect with the support team between 10 AM to 7 PM for real-time assistance, demonstrating LimeRoad’s commitment to prompt customer support.

  1. Dial Helpline: Call LimeRoad’s customer care at 01246650600 during their operating hours (10 AM to 7 PM).

  2. Wait for Connection: Stay on the line until connected.

  3. Follow IVR: Navigate through the menu using Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

  4. Choose Option: Select the option matching your query for efficient routing.

  5. Provide Information: Share order details or account info as needed.

  6. Engage Representative: Speak with a customer care representative for assistance.

  7. Note Reference Number: Jot down any reference or ticket number provided for future tracking.

Limeroad Customer Care

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