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Christopher Crank
Christopher Crank

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Xbox 360

'San Andreas' is a third-person action shooter that plays much like any other 'GTA'. The lead character is Carl Jones (CJ), a young man who is returning to the city of Los Santos after five years in Liberty City (pastiches of Los Angeles and New York City, respectively). CJ has returned home to attend his mother's funeral, but quickly gets involved with the Grove Street Families, a street gang he ran with in his youth. The core gameplays consists of driving (or flying or bicycling) and committing various crimes, including but not limited to vandalism, assault, home invasion, murder, varying degrees of criminal mischief, and most commonly, grand theft auto itself. I certainly can't be expected to walk all over Los Santos, after all. 'San Andreas' was notable for being one of the few GTAs with an element of character development. Not only can CJ change his appearance and clothing, he also has a list of skills and attributes that the player can directly influence. The more I drove around, bicycled around, and shot at things, the better my CJ became.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Xbox 360




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