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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Download Movies [2021]

When Snake is at the graveyard, hold R1. His eye tears up and you can't see much.Contributed By: Video_Gamer_Z 15 2See an MGS2 PosterDuring the cut-scene when Snake stuffs Major Raikov into the locker, on the door of the locker, there is a poster with a picture of Raiden and the text 'Metal Gear Solid 2' on itContributed By: typeyourname 12 4See naked Raiden againWhen obtaining the uniform from Raikov, the guy who looks and attacks like Raiden, shoot him in the crotch to kill him. During your battle with The Sorrow, a naked raiden will walf down the river hiding his privates, complete with bluring.Contributed By: PurgatoryCell 10 3Title Screen ChangeAfter beating the game once, Snake will have an eyepatch on during the CQC fights he has with the Russian guard at the title screen.Contributed By: KurtCobain1994 16 0What do you like?When beginning a new game you are prompted with three questions:"This is my first MGS game""I like MGS1""I like MGS2"Selecting this is my first MGS game has the regular opening. Selecting I like MGS1 makes your stamina drop slower. Selecting I like MGS2 gets you a special intro.Contributed By: BigBoss19 14 2Yet another metal gear acid password:This guy is located in the back of groznyj grad main wing (The place with the shagohod). If you interrogate him he should say, "Metal Gear Acid password, K A R E N".Contributed By: raijin_fujin 10 1SecretsBats in CaveIn the cave, bats attack you if you run. But if you use the active sonar and send out a 'ping', the bats will stop coming after you. That is because bats use sonar to see, they attack the strange noises snake is making and using the sonar tricks them into thinking you are just another bat.Contributed By: MujariMojo 16 1Call off alertWhen you are in alert mode, grab a guard and interrogate him. He might give a radio frequency you can call to call off the alert. After the alert is over, the frequency changes.Contributed By: Brett777 14 1Cure Food Poisoning Without Medicine 3DSIf Snake is suffering from food poisoning, you can cure it without using your medical supplies. Go into the Cure menu and enter the model viewer mode. Spin Snake's model around several times, and exit the menu. Snake will vomit, which will cure his illness at the cost of some of his stamina. This trick also works with EVA when she's in your party.Contributed By: Polymathic 3 1Dazed and ConfusedWhen dealing with an enemy, shagohod mechanic, or scientist, make a noise and hide. Make sure you'll be able to see over the enemy's head. When a question mark comes over their head, shoot it. This will confuse the enemy for a short period of time by showing sparks fly out of their head and them stumbling around.Contributed By: Jimps043 9 1Dazing a GuardWhenever the '!' or '?' icon appears above an enemy's head, and you shoot it, (this is tricky) the the guard appear to be intoxicated and have some white bubbles floating from his head, giving you a few seconds to either run away, or to attack the dazed guard.Contributed By: sinncross 12 1Defeat The End easilyWhen you enter the fighting area for the first time, save your game and quit. Go into the clock settings of your PS2 hardware and set the clock forward a couple of years. Load up the game and you will find that The End has died from old age!!Contributed By: stonalisa 19 3Distract VoliginBefore you fight Volgin be sure to capture a living tree frog. When you are fighting him equip the tree frog as a weapon and throw it somewhere where volgin will see it. After he sees it he should say something then jump back he will then be vulnerable for a few seconds(until he kills the frog) allowing you time to get a few cheap shots in.Contributed By: zeljo 10 2Easily deplete The Fear's staminaWhile fighting The Fear, his main tactic is to jump from tree to tree in order to get the best shot possible on you. However, this depletes his stamina rather quickly, and like Snake, he needs to eat in order to keep himself going strong. As The Fear's stamina gauge decreases, he'll stop trying to attack you and begin using his crossbow to hunt for food instead. If he manages to catch enough of the local food sources, he will regenerate his stamina gauge; if you're a fan of scoring stamina kills on the bosses in order to get the secret uniforms in the game, The Fear's eating habits make it very difficult to deplete his stamina gauge in an honorable manner.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater download movies


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