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Bootloader Error Id 1 Miracle Box 56

I got this as root when as a non-root user I was getting permissions errors trying to connect to custom recovery (Philz). so I killed adb server, copied the .android subdirectory of my user account into /root, chowned -R to root.root, and restarted adb server. I'm in!

bootloader error id 1 miracle box 56

Download File:

It sounds like something may be holding the power button during power-up, which triggers the bootloader described above. Please use the Customer Support link at top-right if you need help with individual issues.

Not working at all. Generate an ISI Exception all the time. When I changed the disk with exactly the same software worked. Partitioned to 250GB or 160 GB make no difference. The ISI error is before any menu show up. I will return this disk.

EDIT: Works with cIOS 249, created 2 partitions, both FAT 32. Formatted the first one twice in a row with ncWBFSTool and then I stopped having the "this is not a wii disc" error when loading games. ---- Had constant compatibility issues. Would not work at all with several loaders, attempted with several CIOS inc Hermes. Began working with USB Loader GX then ceased working with that too despite not making any changes. Tried non-partitioned/partitioned, recommended ideas etc. Gave up, bought Iomega 1TB Prestige Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 which works without any issues at all with all loaders. Wouldn't recommend this Lacie drive at all for use with Wii.

another question...all the examples if found for the mini are using D10/D12/D13 for uploading the bootloader (because the "standard" minis don't feature an ISP header).My mini does feature an ISP header - so do i have to use the ISP header or just the standard pins ?

after the cable/loopback test and posting here i rehooked everything again and suddenly - like a miracle - it worked.. I'm pretty sure i had the connections right before (but you never know)... The only thing i relay changed was, connecting vcc for the mini directly to the cp21xx/usb adapter instead of using 5v supply/output of the nano.

i'm not sure whether my Mini had a bootloader or not. I don't think the need to be generaly bootloaded - if it's working out of the box, then just use it. But if it isn't working - then flash it. I just know about 7pcs which had to be flashed - might be just a bad lot

I will try to flash one using the UNO as an ISP (guess I should flash my UNO with the ISP sketch and use the IDE to downloadthe bootloader). Any specifc bootloader? if not the command from the IDE should do the job I think.

I just got a handfull of those Dswy Robot Pro Minis today. They showed the same 16 secs. blink behaviour. When I read the flash via the ISP port, I found that in fact they have a bootloader (seems to be the same as for the Nano), but no fuses or lock bits had been set. Clock was set to 8 Mhz internal oscillator plus CKDIV8 still set. So in fact the chip ran at 1 Mhz only. That made the 16 secs blink although the sketch was meant to be for a 16 Mhz clock chip. Since the lock bits are not set either, the bootloader can get overwritten easily. Oh, and of course the Boot Reset Vector bit wasn't set so no way for the bootloader to run.

I have reflashed one of these, using a (working ATMega328 Pro Mini) per. the instructions. I loaded the ArduinoISP sketch, put 3 LEDs on the host Arduino's pins 7,8 & 9 to show progress. I connected the "dead" Dswy_Robot device via its 6 ISP pins as directed in the Sketch. I kept the same description for the target board i.e. ATMega328 Pro Mini, made sure Tools->Programmer was set to Arduino as ISP. After that it was just a case of selecting tools->Burn_bootloader and it successfully reprogammed the device.Now when I switch it on I can download sketches to it every time.

In fact, we have found the problem in this version board, in the bottom, it mark " DSWY-ROBET"the bootloader in the mini board have some problem. Here are the instructions for somebody else having trouble:Using USBasp programmer, first the IC should be re-set before burning the bootloader and this id done by the following command:

In the present-day age, the most helpful tools are online based. It is there that you discover the best of what the Internet can give you. But sometimes, when you want to implement certain systems related to online security, you encounter errors as soon as you wish to launch them. One such situation is when you strive to view a few wireless networks. You may have been successfully able to connect to those networks by manually inputting a network key and other things that you could not remember =

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yeyo b sftwarethere is a quastion ineed to ask u albastuz3d ihave instal a milacle tool in my pc 2.58 when did done, try to read info for mkt and spd phone but the word waiting for the phone it appearing but when i connect well my phone and all driver yet,it doesnt respond to contintinue by infor it still show (open port error the port be occupied.but for suprising when iread for mtk the tool no t disapear but for spd it desapear and its icon .what is that problem

Certain Huawei models at certain firmware level need a so-called Harmony Cable if you want to access the phone in factory mode. Using Chimera and the Dynamic Harmony Cable you will be able to handle the PC-phone communication without removing and reinserting the USB cable. This will save you time during the procedure, it also reduces errors due to forgotten or wrongly executed cable insertion. Instead of buying expensive devices, there is an option to buy and modify an inexpensive board. Here is our how-to instructions.

According to our research the IMEI patch is removed after a factory reset. In a worst case it can cause the phone to unable to boot up and shows the "NV data is corrupted" error on the screen. In case of this error you must reflash the phone with a suitable firmware and the error will be gone. After that you can re-run the Patch IMEI procedure to re-establish the patching.

Q: Does this costs credits?A: Yes, it costs 95 Chimera credits after every successful procedureQ: Does this function work for empty phones?A: No, it does not work for empty phones, because the phone must be able to power on (working operating system)Q: Can you repair red led blinking phones with this procedure?A: No, you can not repair red led blinking phones, because the phone should power on for this procedureQ: What models are supported for this procedure?A: At the moment only BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 is supported, but of course we are working on this topic to add more and more models for modem repairQ: If you receive this kind of error message (Could not repair modem data), then do you have any chance to repair the phone?A: Unfortunately if you receive this error, then your phone can not be repaired at the moment.

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Far as nets, it might become another tool in the toolbox. The fields of static analysis, dynamic analysis, and type systems already have tools to knock out almost every major error in a deterministic way. A number have mathematical proofs of their method, as well. So, I promote putting money into further work on those and integrating them with developer tools. Black boxes with significant error rates, no understanding of internal workings, and huge training sets would be a step backward for program analysis tools imho.

Let me be perfectly clear about one critical issue. Some claim that I make nonsensical assertions with no supporting facts or inductive logic whatever. I empathize with their frustration. This is a regrettable necessity of my Position of Trust with the Counterterror Fusion Center of Landover Mall LLC. I swore an oath, and I am bound by duty and honor to keep it. The Acme Security Guarantee of Timeclock Performance and Restroom Quality imposes tight restrictions on my statements to the press or public.


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