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Trend 2024: Couple Rings with Narrows in a Blended Setting

Rings for life

Let the experts on wedding rings at the Meister specialist retailer guide you with confidence and help you discover the wide, diverse range of wedding rings - from timeless, classic designs to uniquely unique ones. You can count on a wide variety of attractive prices. At Meister every ring is also individually made for the bride and groom made of the highest quality gold or platinum alloys. We hope you'll enjoy trying them on and exploring!

The trend towards smaller wedding bands has been rising for a number of years. The smaller the ring, the less diamonds that can be set. The Fischer wedding ring maker has now reduced the size of diamonds set in order to create a sparkling sparkle with a variety of stones, even on ring that is narrow.

Fischer is able to cut diamonds smaller than 1.0 millimeters in size. The trend is to utilize a fine blend setting that makes the diamonds appear elegant and delicate, especially if the wedding rings are narrow.

Six of the 13 models feature diamonds arranged in waves. Some of them are linked and could be reminiscent or constellations or organic, natural shapes. The eerie arrangement, which, in the end, is an exciting harmony, lays out entirely new dimensions to Fischer. These wedding ring designs were conceived by designers who merged two kinds of techniques: the technique of rubbing-in diamonds and the blend setting.

Engagement rings promotion in November and December

Meister offers you a special package of carefree jewelry when you purchase a Meister solitaire ring between November 19th until December 19th. A special price is also included. This means that you don't need to think about the exact ring size when you propose, since after the proposal, the ring will be resized to the size of the fiancee's finger without cost.

This Meister engagement ring is a great match with an Meister Wedding Ring without any compromises to appearance or comfort.

Design the proposal ring that you will make yourself

No matter if white gold or platinum polished or even structured elegant or attractive with an XL diamond, or with a subtle The Meister 3D configurator, you can easily design your ring and purchase it directly online or from your Meister jeweler partner. You can take the custom-made piece in your hands within 30 days.

New wedding ring collections

Rauschmayer's wedding ring collection is extravagant, stunning and stylish. The maker of wedding rings uses the mix-and-match design in all of its collections. It also uses the diamonds, alloys, and surfaces in trisets to give them an unique style and character.

Filigree rings are on trend. They feature delicate designs around the edges that give them an attractive frame. They also allow the diamonds to shine with a more striking shine. All rings can be combined individually. "Mix & Match" is the guiding principle that allows brides to play with shapes and colors. It is not unusual to see couples choose different metals.


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