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Sauron would beat sidious because I thought i saw it said cosmic soul Sauron but vs legends sidious still sauron can only be beaten by other maiar and last i checked sidious isn't a maiar . it goes in Saurons favor.

Cosmic Soul

Australian-born, New York-based composer and pianist Barney McAll, who has made his mark playing along side Gary Bartz, Billy Harper, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesely, Dewey Redman, and so many others, has released a brilliant new uplifting cosmic soul-jazz album on his Extra Celestial Arts label, titled Precious Energy.

Continual cosmic expansion under fixed physical laws from an actual beginning of matter, energy, space, and time is the heart and soul of the biblical cosmic creation model. Moreover, the physical constants that govern cosmic expansion, namely dark energy and the cosmic mass density, provide the most spectacular confirmed scientific evidence for the supernatural design of the universe for the benefit of humanity.

The problem for astronomers is to find objects bright enough at great distances (because of the velocity of light, the greater the distance, the farther back in time astronomers make measurements) that they can measure the necessary properties to determine cosmic expansion. The only objects (besides a handful of supernovae) meeting the specifications are gamma-ray bursts.

Bradley Schaefer, an astronomer from Louisiana State University, assembled data on 69 different gamma-ray burst events that covered the portion of cosmic history ranging from 1.5 to 12 billion years ago. His study included more than three times as many well-analyzed gamma-ray burst events as any previously published work. He achieved an accuracy (for measuring cosmic expansion) that was just a factor of two worse than the best studies done for epochs covering the past 7 billion years. 041b061a72


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