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[S3E9] Blackout 'LINK'

Reese and Carter then seek refugee in a morgue and put Quinn on a sedative state, putting him in one of the compartments. Reese and Carter talk about their experience in combat and how something changed their lives. Reese mentions that he planned to kill himself in the subway until he met her and both kiss. HR arrives at the morgue thanks to a tip and causes a blackout. Cornered and with a limited amount of ammunition, Reese escapes through the vents to the hallway, intending to kill as many so Carter and Quinn escape. Despite Root's willingness to help, Finch still refuses to let her out of the cell.

[S3E9] Blackout

Enter Det. Kreps. With the deepening of this minor new character and with the return of a star, "Only Murders" goes dark this week, darker than that blackout that dimmed the Tri-State area, and just as chilling and sudden.

Mutternot's TalesChallenge TypeTimed BlackoutLocationFloor 6First AppearanceSeries 4, Episode 1 (Gravesend)Last AppearanceSeries 4, Episode 10 (Weston-Super-Mare)No. of appearances4Mutternot's Tales is a timed blackout Floor 6 challenge introduced in Series 4.

The challenge character is Miss Mutternot, the spooky librarian. She has a bad temper, and screams when a blackout happens during the challenge. Miss Mutternot also appeared in the Series 2-3 challenge "Spooked". She is played by Helen Evans.

This challenge is played in a timed "blackout" format. The Unfortunates have to work together to assemble the long line of books before the time limit of 90 seconds runs out. Much like every other blackout-based challenge, there will be a couple of times during the challenge where a blackout will happen, during which The Voice will instruct the Saboteur to knock the books over. In order to pass the challenge, all the books must be standing in place when the time runs out. If not, the challenge will be failed. 041b061a72


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