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Angel Howard
Angel Howard

Coremelt Lock and Load X Crack: The Ultimate Guide to Stabilizing Your FCP X Footage

coremelt v2 is a must-have update for fcp x and fcp 7 users. new features include: * smartzoom - new feature which will automatically zoom into the area you choose for better results and less zooming and blurriness with coremelt v2. * best as fcp x or fcp 7 - many plugins have been enhanced to work better with fcp x and fcp 7 * dynamic camera stabilization - new feature which makes fcp x and fcp 7 footage much more stable and reduces rolling shutter artefacts * camera autofocus - new feature which will make your camera autofocus if you have a focuspoint on your footage * new splitter - get a new splitter for coremelt v2 which has many new features including the ability to split your footage into many scenes at once, saving time on rendering and opening projects etc. * better vimeo integration - new feature which makes uploading and downloading from vimeo much easier and better overall. * new motion tkl - a new motion tkl which can help you make much better titles. * new motion templates - get new motion templates with new features and new titles. many new plugins have been added to coremelt v2, including a new colour correction plugin, a new web video converter plugin, new audio plugins and many more.

Coremelt Lock And Load X Crack

the coremelt v2 plugin set includes over 220 plugins and motion tempklates, with one v2 plugin license you can your plugins in all these hosts: final cut pro x*, adobe premiere pro, adobe after effects, motion (* not all plugins available in fcp x approx 180 work in fcp x)


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