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"Fanny and Alexander" (1982) was announced at the time of its release as Ingmar Bergman's swan song, his last film for the big screen. It is his most optimistic and enchanting blend of romance, tragedy, comedy, fantasy, and mysticism. Set in Sweden in the beginning of the 20th century, the film follows the lives and adventures of two children, brother and sister Fanny and Alexander Edkahl.I love Bergman in every mood and in every genre - I love him dark, bleak, harrowing ("Shame"), mysterious ("Persona"), merciless and devastating ("Scenes from a Marriage, "Face to Face", "Autumn Sonata). I love his lighter, smiling side ("Wild Strawberries", "Smiles of a Summer Night). Even for a master of Bergman's powerful talent, "Fanny and Alexander" is extraordinary - a profound film which is also one of his most accessible works.Pablo Picasso said once, "When I was 9 years old, I could paint like Rafael; as an adult, all my life I tried to learn how to paint like a child". In his final film, one of the greatest masters of dark and sometimes morose psychological studies looks at the world with a child's eye. The words he chose to finish his film with reflect the hope, the happiness and the magic that can be fully felt only in one's childhood: "...Anything can happen, anything is possible. Time and space do not exist. ..On a flimsy ground of reality, imagination spins out and waves new patterns." --- August Strindberg's introductory notes for A Dream Play.

A sobering mid-life crisis fuels dissatisfaction in Philip Dimitrius (John Cassavetes), to the extent where the successful architect trades his marriage and career in for a spiritual exile on a remote Greek island where he hopes to conjure meaning into his life - trying the patience of his new girlfriend (Susan Sarandon) and angst-ridden teenage daughter (Molly Ringwald).This is, of course, a very loose adaptation of Shakespeare. Other than Caliban, the names have been changed and there was no architect or movie stars in Shakespeare's work that anyone can recall.The film has the distinction of being Molly Ringwald's debut, and she gets more than a little screen time and gets to sing, too. Many may not know, but Ringwald and her father are jazz singers, and this was always her first love. Her character in the first half of the film is nothing special, but she shines once the film moves to the island. Did John Hughes see this film Raul Julia may be at his finest here, and Cassavetes excels at being angry (he seems to fly off the handle in almost every film he appears in).

Released in 1982 and loosely based on Shakespeare's play, "Tempest" stars John Cassavetes as Phillip, a rich architect in a troubled marriage in New York City. When his wife (Gena Rowlands) decides to return to acting and things blow-up, he escapes to Greece with his daughter (Molly Ringwald), where they unite with a free-spirited singer (Susan Sarandon). Meanwhile, Phillip's wife hooks up with his former boss (Vittorio Gassman) and they come to Greece looking for the daughter. Raul Julia plays an eccentric goatherd on the island while Sam Robards appears as a teen lothario. While I'm sure the Greece cinematography would be spectacular on the big screen (it certainly is on the small screen), "Tempest" isn't a film I'd likely want to see in the theater (it flopped at the box office). Yet it works fine as a likably offbeat drama in the home.If you're a Sarandon fan you'll definitely want to check this out because she's in the prime of her life (35 years-old during filming) and is splendidly portrayed by the director, Paul Mazursky, from the get-go, typically in alluring Mediterranean apparel. Likewise, statuesque Lucianne Buchanan appears in the final act as blond Delores. This was Ringwald's debut. She was fine for the meaty role of the daughter, but I was never enthralled by her, which isn't to say I don't like her. Actually, I'm not enamored by any of these women, but they're all certainly agreeable, one way or another.There are several highlights, like Phillip coming home drunk to his wife's showbiz party where he awkwardly asks her producer (director Paul Mazursky) to dance. Needless to say, it's the epitome of an uncomfortable social situation. The best part about "Tempest," however, is that it's essentially an island flick, although the cast aren't necessarily castaways and the "island" is a little bit North of the tropics. If you're a sucker for island flicks, like me, then "Tempest" is worth checking out. It's uniquely entertaining and somehow warmhearted. I realize Phillip (Cassavetes) is the Prospero character from The Bard's play, and Prospero was a magician, but the movie never explains Phillip's seeming ability to control the elements. We're just supposed to accept it. Why sure! In any case, I presume he's projecting his mental-spiritual struggles on to the forces of nature. For those not in the know, Cassavetes and Rowlands were husband & wife for almost 36 years, which ended with the former's passing in 1989 at 59 years-of-age. He died of cirrhosis of the liver. The film runs 142 minutes was shot in New York City; Atlantic City, NJ; and, mostly, Gytheio, Greece, which isn't an island, but the southern tip of the remote Mani peninsula of the Peloponnesus of Greece. WRITERS: Leon Capetanos & Mazursky. GRADE: B-

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There's a timeless psychological power to du Maurier's story, which was first brought to the screen soon after its publication, in a 1952 adaptation starring Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton. Though it specifically addresses 19th-century codes governing marriage and property, its concerns with morality, social expectations and female independence still resonate. But above all, My Cousin Rachel is a beautifully tangled web of good and evil, innocence and experience. In a scene that epitomizes the film's discreet but charged sensuality, Michell, Eley and the two leads transform a lovely bluebell wood into a place charged with omen. 153554b96e


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