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Time Management Challenges Pdf Download ((HOT))

A thematic content analysis yielded four core themes: (1) educational impact, (2) time management, (3) challenges encountered, and (4) preferences for the future. The online modality was well-received, and all participants agreed that online sessions were time saving and that their performance was improved due to enhanced utility of time; however, they indicated that they encountered some challenges, including methodological, content perception, technical, and behavioral challenges during sessions and online exams. Most of the preclinical students preferred online learning for the upcoming academic years.

Participants generally referred to the theme of time management as a dominant perspective, and they all agreed that online sessions saved time for them and that their performance had improved as a result. This is made evident in the following statements:

Our study concludes that synchronized online learning was well-received by the medical students. At the same time, some challenges for our study participants included technical issues, individual behavioral characteristics, institutional methodology barriers, and the absence of non-verbal clues. Moreover, preclinical students were more likely to opt for online lectures as their preference for the next academic year compared to clinical students.

First-time managers must learn to be leaders while still being productive employees themselves. New skills needed include time management, stress management, relationship management, and industry-specific expertise.

The lead researcher listened to the interviews several times to obtain a general idea of the data. Ambiguities were resolved by checking the transcripts with the participants immediately after the interview or on the spot during the interview. The units of meaning that were directly related to the research question were then highlighted and selected. Subsequent analysis was performed according to Graneheim and Lundman [19]. As in other qualitative research, data collection and analysis were performed simultaneously during the study period. To identify similarities and differences, read and compared the initial codes several times. Each interview was carried out by the first author in Persian, and was literally transcribed. As a result, categories and subcategories were defined around abstract concepts related to challenges and opportunities in medical education.

Infrastructural deficits and problems were major challenges to e-learning, and this was frequently mentioned by participants. They reported unpleasant experiences with slow internet speeds, uploading materials and files on e-learning systems, and downloading them. For example, one of the interviewees said (S5):

Virtual evaluation is a new phenomenon in the university. Before the pandemic, virtual evaluation was not common at the university, nor was the evaluation infrastructure and processes provided. Therefore, virtual evaluation faced major challenges, so that the validity and reliability of its results were sometimes controversial. Therefore, the participants believed that in order to evaluate students, professors should evaluate them during the semester and, if necessary, organize face-to-face tests at the end of the semester, while following social distancing, or to use virtual testing tools with high taxonomy to reduce cheating.

A study by Dyrbye et al. found that students preferred e-learning formats because of their flexibility and because they facilitated learning by providing opportunities for reflection on the course material [35]. A useful learning system can help students to manage and control their learning processes. For example, students can download and study learning materials in their own time and at their own pace. Even if students miss face-to-face classes, they can catch up on the course content online. Some studies found that when students were able to take more individual control over t


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