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Tenchu Wrath Of Heaven

Wrath of Heaven (unlocked by gaining nine kanji in Rikimaru's ninth mission or Ayame's ninth mission): Kill enemies with one hit using wrath of heaven. To perform a wrath of heaven attack, press the circle button and the X button at the same time. Using wrath of heaven will leave you with only one energy hit point, so use it with caution.

Tenchu Wrath of Heaven

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Ressai explains that there are two ways to repair the Izayoi sword. One way is to try to fix it with the steel Ressai has on hand. The other way is to mix in the steel from another sword that is as strong as the Izayoi, such as the Shichishito. However, mixing in the steel from the Shichishito sword may have an effect on the power of the Izayoi that you cannot predict. The heavens have given you a choice. Now choose wisely.

The mysterious voice that came out of the dead body of Hamada called himself Tenrai. Gohda is shocked that Tenrai knew of the three secret jewels. Long ago, the jewels of heaven, earth, and virtue had given the Gohda family the power to control the realm. Two of them were stolen by thieves in the past. The one left hidden in Gohda's possession is the Jewel of Virtue. With the Jewel of Earth in Tenrai's possession, Gohda must find the Jewel of Heaven before Tenrai gets his hands on it. But before that, Gohda must prepare for other attacks by Tenrai. Seeing him control Hamada's dead body made it evident that Tenrai is a master of spiritual powers. Lord Gohda knew that he would need to have weapons of equal spiritual strength to fight back if Tenrai ever attacked again. Gohda's family diaries spoke of Yoto swords that were so spiritually powerful that his ancestors had to seal the swords in a shrine in the cemetery to keep the swords from taking the lives of their owners. To get to the shrine, now an old house, one has to break five sealing stones within the cemetery. You must go to the shrine in the cemetery to retrieve the Yoto swords. But be careful, the spirits blocking your path cannot be hurt by normal swords.

Hope you read this .But maybe they don't need to make a original game because ratings of tenchu were always low but maybe they can make a tenchu relating to current generation .maybe tenchu online for friends to talk and strategies and go kill bad guys .or maybe a last man standing where friends can jump on buildings and stuff and go sneak up on each other and kill each other

I didn't know there were soo many tenchu games. I really loved played Tenchu Z though, so I might have to fight you on your rankings but thanks a lot for the article. Maybe I should check out Tenchu Fatal Shadows for starters.

Fatal shadows is definitely the best one honestly and if they do end up making any remakes/remasters or new games they need to build off the formula of that game. Imagine Tenchu 2 with that gameplay. also Tenchu wrath of heaven needs to be higher honestly that game is a CLASSIC! 041b061a72


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