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Divinity Original Sin 2 Performance Mod


Divinity Original Sin 2 Performance Mod

Various mods which allows you to experience different adventures - new quests added to original game and standalone projects - from a simple map mod with enemies to fight with, to a complex mods with multiple worldspaces, stories and quests, new races and skills. Take into account that in most of cases such mods have nothing to do with the game story itself and have own design & story - like a mini games made on DOS 2 as engine. Also, don't be afraid of such mods often not having 5 stars ratings or enough ratings at all - this is simply a not mass-popular mod category, so low amount of ratings doesn't mean the mod is bad - if you found something interesting, try it yourself. Also [always read the mod page carefully] as due to having own design and often being realy big in size, these mods require some other mods to work properly, or have certain ingame conditions you should stick to. This section is not very big yet as there are not many of such mods in general, and I'm not adding mods to the guide without testing them myself - and adventure/quest mods require more time to test, as you can guess. It will be expanded gradually.

Xbox FPS Boost allows select backward-compatible Xbox games to run at double or even quadruple the original framerate without any developer input. So games you remember running at 30fps can now hit the heady heights of 60fps or even 120fps to make for an even better experience.

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What are the best PS4 Pro Boost Mode games Boost Mode is a nifty PS4 Pro feature that uses the system's additional grunt to provide improved visuals, framerates, and performance in games that aren't officially PS4 Pro Enhanced. It works across 4K and HD TVs as well, so there's really no excuse not to turn it on.

Well, unless it has an adverse effect that is. There are a few games that run worse in Boost Mode, curiously enough. It can cause crashes and various other performance-related issues. You can find out How to Enable PS4 Pro Boost Mode through the link.

While it's true that a lot of ports made their way to the Switch, not all these games are accessible. Sometimes, graphics or gameplay takes a toll as devs try their hardest to "stay true" to their original experience. As such, it's reasonable for players to worry about how these PC games can "transition" properly to consoles without ruining player enjoyment.

Thankfully, Original Sin 2 for the Switch isn't just the Definitive Edition, but it's also extremely accessible. For instance, the game retains its original PC interface. In this case, there's a map on the top right, all characters on the left, and the hotkeys below. However, Larian Studios converts the keyboard shortcuts into options easily accessible via the Left and Right triggers. As such, it's easy to shuffle between characters and menu options.

Eagle-eyed players might find some aspects of Original Sin 2 for the PC a bit "hit-and-miss." For instance, while the moral ambiguity of the story remains as one of its highlights, some elements of gameplay make Original Sin 2 a bit "wonky" for PC players. For instance, the aforementioned Journal was indeed messy in the original title. Moreover, difficulty in conversation skill checks may need some work.

Aside from accessibility, Larian Studios also took the time to tie up some loose ends in Original Sin 2's Switch iteration. For instance, the game now focuses on being more straightforward with their quest and gear descriptions. This element is unlike the original game's more in-depth approach. While gamers might say this "ruins" some of the flavor of the game, it does make the Switch version more free-flowing.

In addition to the cross-save support, performance optimisations and additional graphics options are implemented, while touch controls make the cut - mainly for menu navigation. However, the big breakthrough is indeed the cross-save option and it works pretty much exactly as you'd imagine. You get a choice of Steam and GOG stores on the main menu and from there, you sign into your account of choice through the Switch browser, where you can select which saves to download. It's worth stressing you must own all DLCs and extras installed on PC for it to work properly but this is the only real catch. Otherwise it's seamless and operates exactly as it should.

Cross save support is a game-changer. What distinguishes the Switch version is the ability to take it anywhere - but obviously, this comes at a cost to performance and graphical quality. So why not play the game on the go on Switch, while enjoying a visually richer experience at home on PC Patch 3.6 delivers this option - the best of both worlds.

If you want a sharper image, you have a few options, though I'd highly recommend using the new sharpening filter as a starting point. Its effects are barely noticeable on the low setting but there's a huge boost clarity across high contrast edges when you ramp up the setting. Everything on-screen has more pop, without the side effects of too much visual noise or aliasing. For anyone worried about the impact on frame-rate, don't be: this isn't taxing on the GPU at all, with no impact on the performance level.

The only drawback to using sharpening filters is the tell-tale ringing artefacts - white halos around objects you see in the distance. It's a common fault, especially working with a low resolution image, which in this case is often operating at a sub-720p resolution. Still, I think it does reasonably well in reintroducing some of the detail lost owing to the TAA and as it's effectively free from a performance perspective, I recommend trying it out.

The patch notes mention improved performance but re-running our library of tests on the latest upgrade reveals very similar results overall, with only a 1fps gain at points. Obviously though, we can't test every area across the breadth of such a huge game and the results we do have may indicate more of a stability improvement all round. Even in crunch areas like Novigrad or Crookback Bog - where we'd hope to see more obvious improvements - the gains are slight, whether you're playing docked or in portable mode.

That said, once we start tinkering with the new graphics settings, performance can improve, largely owing to the foliage draw setting and depth of field options which are taxing enough to have a substantial impact in dense woodland areas. So, for example, you can reclaim 3-4fps in places like Crookback Bog, making it a near-perfect 30fps. Cutting back the foliage draw helps enormously in this section but be prepared for more pop-in on grass elements. There are even bigger gains to enjoy within cutscenes, where pruning back settings saw a 5fps advantage during the village siege, for example. Interestingly though, in this case, frame-rate boosts were much less pronounced with The Witcher 3 operating in portable mode.

The M1 chip-powered device represents Apple's next top-end tablet, providing users with a 50 percent increase in CPU performance over the iPad Pro's 2020 model. GPU performance is no joke either, with Apple promising a 40 percent jump compared to last year's version on this particular front. Suffice it to say, the newest iPad Pro will offer a much improved gaming experience all around for those who want to take advantage of the tablet's' baked-in technical power. Better still, the new 2021 model is also confirmed to support PlayStation's DualSense and the latest Xbox controller. The upcoming iPad Pro's capabilities will surely be put to the test once Divinity: Original Sin II hits the platform.

I ran the benchmark both at 1440p as well as the Extreme HD preset. Both had very similar results. It seems that it would is at an average of 25-30fps. This is about 1/3 of the performance when the Valley benchmark runs natively on macOS.

On October 18th, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be updated with the latest version of NVIDIA DLSS, improving both image quality and performance. In addition, NVIDIA DLSS will also come to Rise of the Tomb Raider, the second game in the trilogy, originally released 2016.

Wangyuan Shengtang Entertainment Technology Company's Swords of Legends Online launched in July in the West via publisher Gameforge, giving gamers a new fantasy action MMORPG to explore. On October 14th, GeForce RTX-equipped players can enjoy improved image quality and even faster performance thanks to an upgrade to the latest version of NVIDIA DLSS, which delivers performance boosts of up to 60%.

With everything enabled and maxed out, F.I.S.T.'s graphics feature ray-traced reflections, global illumination lighting, and caustics. System latency is minimized with NVIDIA Reflex for a more responsive experience. And NVIDIA DLSS accelerates performance by a massive 3x.

For full details and performance charts, check out our F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch launch article. GeForce Now Founders and Priority members can also stream the game with beautiful RTX features enabled.

Our Fallout 4 game review & gameplay analysis is live on the homepage already, if that's what you're looking for. This post looks exclusively and in depth at Fallout 4's graphics settings and performance on PC. The below Fallout 4 PC benchmark tests FPS performance across nVidia and AMD GPUs, including the GTX 750 Ti, 960, 970, 270X, 285, 390X, and many more. VRAM and memory consumption is also looked at loosely below, hopefully establishing a baseline for the best video cards for Fallout 4 on PC. 153554b96e


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