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Lovers In Paris Tagalog Version Full Episode

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Lovers In Paris Tagalog Version Full Episode

Lovers in Paris: A Romantic Korean Drama with a Tagalog Twist

If you are looking for a romantic and heartwarming Korean drama to watch, you might want to check out Lovers in Paris. This drama tells the story of a young woman who goes to Paris to study film and ends up working as a housekeeper for a rich businessman. Along the way, she meets his nephew, who is also a film director, and falls in love with him. However, their relationship faces many challenges and obstacles, such as family pressure, social status, and secrets from the past.

Lovers in Paris was a huge hit in South Korea when it aired in 2004, and it also became popular in other countries, especially in the Philippines. The drama was dubbed in Tagalog and aired on ABS-CBN in 2005, where it received high ratings and positive feedback from Filipino viewers. Many Filipinos related to the story of the main character, Vivian (played by Kim Jung-eun), who is a hardworking and optimistic person who pursues her dreams despite the difficulties. They also admired the chemistry and romance between Vivian and Carlo (played by Park Shin-yang), who is a charming and charismatic man who supports Vivian's passion for film.

If you want to watch Lovers in Paris Tagalog version full episode, you can find it online on This website offers free HD videos of various Asian dramas, including Lovers in Paris. You can enjoy watching the drama with clear audio and subtitles, and you can also interact with other fans by leaving comments and likes. You can also follow the creator of the videos, Maxpein Alfaro, who has uploaded all 20 episodes of Lovers in Paris Tagalog dubbed on his channel.

Lovers in Paris is a drama that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon with its romantic scenes and plot twists. It is a classic Korean drama that has captured the hearts of many viewers around the world. If you are looking for a drama that will make you feel kilig (a Filipino term for feeling butterflies in your stomach), you should definitely watch Lovers in Paris Tagalog version full episode.

Lovers in Paris: Meet the Cast and Awards of this Korean Drama

Lovers in Paris boasts a talented and charismatic cast that brought the characters to life. The main leads are played by Park Shin-yang, Kim Jung-eun, and Lee Dong-gun, who are all well-known and acclaimed actors in Korea. Park Shin-yang portrays Han Ki-joo, the president of GD Motors and a successful businessman who falls in love with Tae-young. He is a versatile actor who has starred in various genres of films and dramas, such as The Letter (1997), A Promise (1998), Sign (2011), and My Lawyer, Mr. Jo (2016). Kim Jung-eun plays Kang Tae-young, a cheerful and optimistic woman who dreams of becoming a film director. She is a popular actress who has appeared in many hit dramas, such as Lovers in Prague (2005), Princess LuLu (2005), I Am Legend (2010), and Make a Woman Cry (2015). Lee Dong-gun plays Yoon Soo-hyuk, Ki-joo's nephew and a film director who also falls for Tae-young. He is a handsome and talented actor who has starred in many romantic dramas, such as Sweet 18 (2004), Marrying a Millionaire (2005), When It's At Night (2008), and Angel's Last Mission: Love (2019).

Lovers in Paris also features a strong supporting cast that includes Oh Joo-eun as Moon Yun-a, Ki-joo's ex-girlfriend and the daughter of a politician; Kim Seo-hyung as Baek Seung-kyung, Ki-joo's secretary and confidante; Kim Sung-won as Kim Cheong, Ki-joo's father and the chairman of GD Group; Park Young-ji as Han Sung-hoon, Ki-joo's brother and Soo-hyuk's father; Jo Eun-ji as Choi Won-jae, Tae-young's friend and roommate; Yun Yeong-jun as Lee Yang-mi, Tae-young's cousin; Kim Young-chan as Kim Seung-jun, Tae-young's younger brother; Jeong Ae-ri as Han Ki-hye, Ki-joo's sister; Kim Ka-yeon as CSV Cinema employee; Sung Dong-il as Kang Pil-bo, Tae-young's uncle; Seo Kwon-sun as Yun-a's mother; Kim Hyeong-beom as Soo-hyuk's frie


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