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Propellerheads Recycle V2 12 Incl Keygen Air

recycle is designed to be a multi-tasking application, allowing you to work on more than one sample at a time. if you have a project with multiple samples, recycle automatically detects the various loops and lets you select and export them into separate tracks, creating one track per sample. you can then tweak the sample with the wave editor interface. once you are satisfied, you can re-combine the loops into a new project or send them back to the sample library for another use.

the wave editor lets you dissect the sound into different slices (loops, or slices in recycle parlance). you can edit the slices, delete unwanted parts and even record your own clips. after you have edited the slices, you can export them as a new loop or one-shot.wav or.aiff file.

in addition to the wave editor, recycle offers a number of other tools for recording and editing. you can record audio clips by dragging and dropping them into the area of the screen where the wave editor is located. you can also create and edit midi clips directly from the wave editor. you can also automatically detect loops and create separate tracks for the different loop sections. you can see what sections of the sample are currently active by clicking on the a icon in the bottom right of the wave editor. there is also a note editor that lets you insert notes into each slice. for example, if you record your sample on one track, you can set the first slice of the sample to play the melody, the second slice to play a bass line, the third slice to play a guitar, the fourth slice to play an acoustic piano, the fifth slice to play drums, and so on. 3d9ccd7d82


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