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Meilleur Film Porno Dur

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While the concept isn't all that original - a drama set in a trailer - the on-location filming and the three-person casting choice provide more than enough charm to make it stand out from the crowd. And while Simon's film & screenwriting are more cartoonish and comedic, this movie manages to find a middle ground in the form of an edgy, realistic and passionate take about relationships and the power of love.

Review: If it wasn't for the cast, and director, I would have enjoyed this movie more because it had the potential to be a good comedy. It's sad to think that it wasn't a real comedic movie, but Simon Waters has never really been at the forefront of comedies although he has really made some serious films. He wasn't on the forefront of this one because it looked so much like an Indie chick-lit movie. It didn't pull any punches with its graphic sexual discussions and it resorted to "bad to the bone" when it came to the subject matter, which didn't really sit well with me. As a movie it's not bad, but it's an example of how not to make a comedy. This movie was more of a comedy chick-lit movie. One of the main problems with the movie is that it feels forced, and the acting isn't very good. The cast has a feeling of wanting to be a part of the movie but they just sound like amateurs. I feel like Waters made this movie so he could go to the slums and say that he took a movie about trailer park kids to the slums and made it look like a trailer park movie. The cast is just that, like trailer park kids that wouldn't be caught dead out in the slums unless someone paid them to do it.The director could have gone into the slums at least once, or at least made it look like a trailer park movie, but instead it looks more like a trailer park movie. The main thing that does make this movie stand out from other chick-lit dramas is the behind the scenes drama. Where the trailer park kids aren't a part of the drama, they have to be a part of it. I feel like if this movie had a semi-realistic drama, it would have been better. Instead it's just a chick-lit movie with extra behind the scenes drama. d2c66b5586


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