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Metal Slug Anthology Ppsspp Cheat File

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UnlockableHow to UnlockSpecial MusicComplete Metal Slug 1-5 and X on Hard with limited continues and also completing Metal Slug 6 with limited continuesTonko Art GalleryComplete Metal Slug 1-5 and X on Easy with limited continues and also completing Metal Slug 6 with limited continuesContributed By: Tell_me_Baby 1 8SecretsEasy TokensTo get tokens easily play through MS3 or MS5 on the hard difficulty with infinite credits if you need them. When you beat the last boss(When the boss is going up in flames or something like that) save the game very quickly, then wait until the credits start rolling and quit to the main menu. You should get 5 tokens as you return to the menu, when you finally reach the menu just boot up the same game and load your save you'll be at the ending sequence again and you'll also earn another 5 tokens when you quit, repeat as many times as it takes to get everything in the gallery.Contributed By: Nohitmaa33 16 28Metal Slug CheatsCodesCheat Menu PSJust tap: X, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square at the OPTIONS screen.Contributed By: moron_erick 41 23Easter Eggs11 Omake images SATSimply place the Metal Slug CD in your computer to see 11 Omake pics.Contributed By: cream_of_hate 0 1Metal Slug 3 CheatsGlitchesContinue Trick XBOXWhen your down to your last life on arcade mode press start on controller 2. This starts you off on player 2's controller when your in a tough spot, giving 3-5 new men. This is helpful for Mission 5 or some of the harder bosses. If you're quick enough you can die on the player 1 controller and press start on controller 2 and still continue. The only flaw to this is you wont be able to select the same character you had as player 1. Contributed By: Urameshii 2 0UnlockablesEnding Feature XBOXComplete the game on any difficulty, and the Ending Feature will be selectable.Contributed By: Dao 0 0Unlock Storming the Mothership, and Chubby Isle Paradiso XBOXUnlockableHow to UnlockStorming the Mothership and Chubby Isle ParadisoComplete the gameContributed By: WasabiX 1 1Unlockable Modes PS2Complete Specified Tasks To Unlock Following ModesUnlockableHow to UnlockChubby Isle ParadisoComplete Arcade Mode OnceStorming the MothershipComplete Arcade Mode OnceContributed By: Jacen_Solo, RaumeRVZ 4 3SecretsHidden Areas NEONear the beginning of the first stage, you will see a submarine floating in a pool of water. Hold Down to walk into this area and hop into the sub to go to a secret underwater part of the stage. The next hidden area is at the part where the boat is located. Instead of getting on it, hop onto the ledge above it to find a secret hatch. Go inside to enter a hidden cave.Contributed By: jimfish 2 7Metal Slug 4 CheatsCodesDebug Menu NEOWhen you have Metal Slug 4 in Console mode, pause it. Press pause again. A debug menu pops up.NOTE: If it says "___ Option" (ex: 1st Option) then it isn't tanslated.EffectCodeFirst 4 options show pictures of Marco, Trevor, Fio, and Nadia. Last 4... make the game crash.TEST STAGEGoes back to pause, without the darkened screen.1st OptionLevel Select. Press Left or Right to change area in level. Bottom level (8) is the demo that plays.3rd OptionMusic and Sound test. Press A to play music, Press B or C to play sound effect. Bottom option exits menu, and resets game.5th OptionResets the game.6th OptionTons of odd, non-translated optionsSetup Debug DIPContributed By: PSOCecil 4 3UnlockablesAlternative ending XBOXUnlockableHow to UnlockAlternative EndingWhen you destroy the last boss, you will go to a room where you run from explosions. Get killed by them for another endingContributed By: ArdynCaelum 0 0Gallery Art PS2Successfully complete the final mission with any character to unlock their specific picture in the gallery.Contributed By: TeishuKyokai 1 1Unlockables NEOUnlockableHow to UnlockGallery ModeBeat the final mission with any character (get a new picture each time you do this)Contributed By: MMalekzandi 2 0Metal Slug X Chea


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