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[X-Plane] Carenado - TBM 850 HD Series V3.3 Gamel Wahidundu

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Review: Carenado TBM 850 HD Series V3.3 for X-Plane

If you are looking for a fast, sleek and versatile single-engine turboprop for X-Plane, you might want to check out the Carenado TBM 850 HD Series V3.3. This add-on is a detailed and realistic simulation of the Socata TBM 850, a high-performance aircraft that can cruise at over 300 knots and fly up to 31,000 feet.

The Carenado TBM 850 HD Series V3.3 features a custom G1000 glass cockpit with a GCU 475 control unit and an AFCS GMC 710 autopilot. The G1000 displays are crisp and clear, and offer a variety of functions and modes, such as terrain awareness, traffic, synthetic vision, flight planning and more. The G1000 also integrates with the X-Plane default FMS and GPS systems, allowing you to use both methods of navigation.

The exterior and interior models are stunning, with high-quality textures, 3D gauges, realistic lighting effects and dynamic propeller shines. The sound effects are also impressive, with original HQ digital stereo sounds recorded from the real aircraft. The aircraft behavior is faithful to the real one, with accurate flight dynamics, weight and balance, and over torque engine failure simulation.

The Carenado TBM 850 HD Series V3.3 comes with five HD liveries and a blank one for repainters. It also includes several PDF documents with checklists, procedures, performance tables and recommended settings. The add-on is compatible with X-Plane 10.5x and X-Plane 11 (64 bits required).

The Carenado TBM 850 HD Series V3.3 is a great addition to your X-Plane hangar if you enjoy flying fast and modern turboprops. It offers a high level of detail, realism and functionality, as well as a smooth performance and a user-friendly interface. You can get it from the Carenado website for $34.95.

In this review, we will take a closer look at some of the features and functions of the Carenado TBM 850 HD Series V3.3 for X-Plane. We will also compare it with the real aircraft and share our impressions of flying it in different scenarios.

The G1000 Glass Cockpit

One of the main attractions of the Carenado TBM 850 HD Series V3.3 is the custom G1000 glass cockpit, which consists of two large displays: the primary flight display (PFD) and the multi-function display (MFD). The PFD shows the basic flight instruments, such as the airspeed indicator, the attitude indicator, the altimeter, the vertical speed indicator, the heading indicator and the horizontal situation indicator. It also shows the autopilot modes and settings, the engine parameters, the fuel quantity and the flaps position.

The MFD shows a variety of information and options, such as the map, the flight plan, the terrain awareness, the traffic, the synthetic vision system (SVS), the engine system page and the auxiliary page. The map can be zoomed in and out, panned and decluttered. It can also display different types of data, such as airports, navaids, waypoints, airspaces and weather. The flight plan can be created and edited directly from the MFD, or imported from the X-Plane default FMS or GPS systems. The terrain awareness mode shows a color-coded map of the terrain elevation and warns you of any potential obstacles or conflicts. The traffic mode shows nearby aircraft and their relative position, altitude and speed. The SVS mode shows a 3D representation of the terrain and sky ahead of you, enhancing your situational awareness and safety.

The engine system page shows detailed information about the engine performance and status, such as torque, propeller RPM, ITT, NG, oil pressure and temperature, fuel flow and electrical load. The auxiliary page allows you to customize some settings and preferences, such as the display brightness, the sound volume, the units of measurement and the wind options.

The G1000 is controlled by a GCU 475 unit located below the MFD. It has a large knob for scrolling and selecting items on the screen, a small knob for adjusting values or moving cursors, a joystick for panning the map or mo


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