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Change Morrowind Load Order

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Change Morrowind Load Order

How to Change Morrowind Load Order for Better Mod Compatibility

Morrowind is a classic role-playing game that has a vibrant modding community. However, installing multiple mods can sometimes cause conflicts and errors that affect your gameplay experience. To avoid these issues, you need to change the load order of your mods, which determines which mod's changes will have priority over others.

In this article, we will explain what load order is, why it matters, and how to change it using a tool called TESTool. We will also give you some tips on how to optimize your load order for better performance and stability.

What is Load Order

Load order is the order in which Morrowind loads the game files and the mods you have installed. The game files are called master files (.esm) and the mods are called plugin files (.esp). The load order affects how the game applies the changes made by each mod, such as adding new items, quests, locations, characters, etc.

The load order is determined by the date and time of the last modification of each file. The game loads the files from oldest to newest, meaning that the newer files will overwrite the older ones if they modify the same thing. For example, if you have two mods that change the appearance of a certain NPC, the one that was modified later will be the one that shows up in the game.

However, not all mods are compatible with each other, and some may require a specific load order to work properly. If you have conflicting mods or an incorrect load order, you may encounter problems such as missing textures, broken quests, crashes, or even corrupted saves. Therefore, it is important to change your load order according to your mod selection and preferences.

How to Change Load Order with TESTool

TESTool is a utility that allows you to change the load order of your mods easily and safely. It also has a feature called Merge Objects that can reduce conflicts by merging some of the changes made by different mods into one file. You can download TESTool from here.

To use TESTool, follow these steps:

Launch TESTool.exe and click on Options.

Select your Morrowind directory and click OK.

Click on Load Order and wait for TESTool to scan your files.

You will see a list of your master and plugin files on the left side of the window. You can drag and drop them to change their order. The files on top will be loaded first by the game.

You can also right-click on a file and select Move Up or Move Down to change its position.

If you want to use the Merge Objects feature, check the box next to it on the right side of the window. This will create a new file called Merged_Objects.esp that will contain some of the merged changes from your mods.

When you are satisfied with your load order, click on Save & Exit.

Launch Morrowind and enjoy your modded game!

Tips for Optimizing Your Load Order

Here are some general tips on how to optimize your load order for better mod compatibility:

Always read the mod descriptions and instructions carefully before installing them. Some mods may have specific requirements or recommendations for their load order.

Use a mod manager such as Wrye Mash or Mod Organizer 2 to install and manage your mods. These tools can help you avoid errors and conflicts by organizing your files and showing you potential issues.

Use a tool such as Mlox or LOOT to sort your load order automatically based on a database of known mods and their compatibility. These tools can save you time and hassle 248dff8e21


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