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Tube-Tech CL 1B VST Bundle Free [REPACK] Download

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Available for download, the Softube Tube-Tech Complete Collection bundles together the Tube-Tech Equalizer Collection with the Tube-Tech Compressor Collection. Suitable for use as a channel strip in pro-audio applications, this bundle provides the updated MK II and legacy versions. If you want to use the compressor and the equalizers in one instance of the plug-in, the Tube-Tech Classic Channel MK II is also included, which can be utilized in mid/side mode for mastering contexts.

Available for download, the Softube Tube-Tech MK II EQ Collection bundles together two plug-ins, each modeled on classic Tube-Tech equalizers and each sporting sonic and graphic improvements over their corresponding original versions. Both of the hardware inspirations for these plug-ins were themselves modeled on hallowed Pultec equalizers. The software EQs have been housed in a single plug-in for your convenience. 1e1e36bf2d


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