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[S1E1] The Cup Runneth Over [PORTABLE]

The once opulently rich Rose family, following news that their now absent business manager named Eli has left them financially ruined by not paying their taxes, are left by the government with only a modest income and one asset: the town of Schitt's Creek. Family patriarch Johnny purchased the backwater town over twenty years ago solely as a joke for his son David, who didn't even know about it. As it is their sole asset, they are forced to live there, in two rooms at the local run-down motel, until they figure out a way to get back on their feet. In Schitt's Creek, they will initially mostly have to interact with Stevie Budd, the front desk receptionist who prides herself on not doing anything, and the town's mayor, Roland Schitt, a socially unaware redneck. Their daughter Alexis believes she has a plan to save herself - and only herself - from this new life, the rest of her family be damned. Johnny will learn that despite his disdain for Roland, it is best to keep on the mayor's good side.

[S1E1] The Cup Runneth Over

Though Shinra refuses to allow Ginko to investigate, he still offers for Ginko to stay the night. That night, Ginko discovers a ghost-like Mushi in the form of a young girl and uses his Mushi tobacco to subdue her, discovering a broken green wine cup in her possession. From this, he determines that the ghost is really Shinra's grandmother, Renzu.

The next morning, Ginko explains to Shinra that Renzu is still in the house, though she currently exists in a state in-beween the human and Mushi realms. She became this way via a Mushi Banquet, a rare occurence wherein Mushi pretend to be human and invite a human guest to drink with them. When the human drinks the whole cup, they lose their identity as a sentient being and come to inhabit the Mushi world. Renzu had only drank half of the cup when her ceremony was interrupted, causing her spirit to split in half, one half remaining in the Mushi world while the other half returned to the physical world. Despite this split, the Mushi half remained near her physical half, watching over Shinra even after her physical self died four years ago.

When Shinra drinks it, he sees a memory of the Mushi banquet that Renzu attended. He learns that the Mushi told her that the sake she drank was kouki, liquid from a river of light that has existed since the beginning of life itself, and that she was invited there because the Mushi had a request. They explained that she would one day have a grandson with a unique ability, one that may change the entire living world, and that they needed her to look after him. However, the banquet was interrupted by a crow, and her Mushi self was left behind with the unfinished banquet, crying silently to herself. Shinra finds himself crying as well, overwhelmed with Renzu's emotions. As if in sympathy, the sake cup overflows with kouki as well, spilling out onto the forest floor and causing moss to grow abundantly.

Ginko leaves the following morning, though he is confronted by Renzu before he goes. She asks if he plans to continue his investigations and says that if not, he should stop by sometime, as Shinra will probably be lonely by himself. Ginko responds that Shinra should be fine since she is there to watch over him now. When he leaves, he takes the green sake cup with him. Since then, there have been no more rumors about the boy's powers.

He Thought He Could is the first episode and season premiere of Season 3 of the FOX sitcom Married... with Children, as well as the 36th overall episode in the series. Written by Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye, the episode was directed by Gerry Cohen and premiered on FOX on November 8, 1988.

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