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Music Wars Rebirth Full VERIFIED Version 18


Music Wars Rebirth Full VERIFIED Version 18

87. The Gospel is the guarantee of peace. In the sacraments of the Church, we receive the fullness of Christ, and this is the source of life. What more can we ask The Church, the merciful love of God, by which God invites us to become children and brothers and sisters of God, is itself the guarantee of peace. [86] Without the Gospel, we would never have had a religious conscience, or the true understanding of the social order, which was a mystery to the philosophers of antiquity. The Gospel, which teaches us to build the House of God in this world, is the guarantee of peace. The Gospel is the Word of God. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14). Peace is the fruit that God offers to us in the gift of the Word, through the sacraments. [85]

It is this love of God in others which has been the very cause of the creative inspiration that makes us truly human. This love of God has been the true origin of civilisations. It is this love of God in each person that will give birth to a community composed of individuals more fully free and more truly human, more just and more fraternal. [303] The answer to anti-christianism is not to be found in religion, but in the love of God that is truly catholic and truly universal. We should not be afraid to stand out. We are in fact so well organised to resist conformity to evil that I do not think we need to fear being denounced. We are in fact Christ, but to be Christ is not a problem: it is an enormous favour.

The inner beauty of the world is like that of the soul of the human being. The inner beauty of the world unfolds slowly, through our efforts to make ourselves more fully human. The inner beauty of the world is much more than the beauty of the senses, which we love and admire at a distance, and certainly less than the beauty of God, who is the true Beauty, beyond all physical beauty. The inner beauty of the world is something much more, and something we need to study more carefully. 3d9ccd7d82


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