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Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade Free Download ((FULL))

Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade Free Download >>>

Freehold is an epic science fiction novel that challenges how we view the future, the past, and our lives in-between. The tale begins with a near future where the United States is isolated from the rest of the world due to nuclear war.

This was the reason, of course, for the Cuban Missile Crisis and for the President s election of 1980, and so it is the reason for Ice Crusade. In 1978, as we see in the first scenario, you get an internal war in a Soviet union republic that is essentially a client state of the Soviet Union A political battle is going on between the Communist Party and the nationalists, and the nationalists are losing, but they are definitely not losing to the Communist Party. The Soviets become very alarmed and feel that their interests in the republic are at stake, and the...

Our story is set in the autumn of 1980. That is the year that the American Presidential election took place, and what we have here is a fully playable scenario from the perspective of Ronald Reagan and his campaign. We now approach the center of the game, which is the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the game, this crisis is caused by the American atomic ships sinking in the Caribbean Sea a few days after leaving port for the first time, and it ends, finally, with a nuclear exchange, the remnants of which can be found in the now icy Gulf of Mexico. That is a much more plausible story than the current game.

In addition to making a political interpretation of the crisis and the factors that played into it, Ice Crusade makes the historical events the basis for its scenarios. What I am trying to do with the current design of the game is to give the player a certain amount of information about a situation in Cuba that is at least consistent with the official version of the facts and that plays out a bit like the Russian-US nuclear war of 1962. The Soviets don t have a true garrisoning of Cuba, but they have a much more heavily armed presence than is comfortable for the Cubans. There are two American military forces present; one is a carrier group in the Gulf of Mexico, and the other consists of a troop transport force that is given the mission of advancing on Key West to land Marines from a squadron of C-131 transports. And that s what happens; two of the transports get through the Soviet blockade and land the marines in Key West. That s the scenario that begins the war. 3d9ccd7d82


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