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Best Buy Price Change 30 Days

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Best Buy Price Change 30 Days

If you notice a post-purchase price drop at Best Buy on a qualifying product within its returns and exchanges period, you can request a price match online, in the store, or over the phone. The retailer typically offers a 15-day return window.

You'll only be able to get a refund on products that have the best price guarantee badge - eBay reckons there are about 100,000 products with one - and only if they're found cheaper at approved competitors.

I was not aware that Amazon changed their policy to only 7 days to get a price adjustment. That little bit of knowledge just cost me $30. If I had known, I would have waited to make my purchase. Disappointed in Amazon, who has always had the best customer service prior to this.

Yaaay. It just worked for me tooo. I bought a kindle fire a few days ago and then saw where the price dropped by $10 . I politely asked for a partial refund for the difference and the agent on the chat said he was sorry to inform me that Amazon never offered any price drop before and after the deal however as I am valuable customer,he would issue me the $10 refund.Amazon is the BEST.Quick and easy.

Saw this morning that the price dropped by $20 on an item I purchased a few days ago. Contacted Amazon immediately via the e-mail route. Checked my e-mail within an hour and was pleasantly surprised to receive a response from Amazon that I would be getting a refund (including sales tax).

Kai Ryan, I too had a sad feeling with my order which i ordered couple of days back,,whn i searched in google i got this URL for price drop refund policy of amazons, just now tried it and the representative was good enough to refund back the 50$ difference ;)

I bought a mobile phone and within 2 days the price had dropped 15, followed your info above and managed to get that money refunded.although they did state this was in exceptional circumstances.cheers

Bought an expensive headset and price dropped $33.00 called and asked politely if I could get the price adjusted and because it was within 7 days they did it although agent had to get manager approval. Thx!

I bought my item 12 days ago and noticed that the price dropped on Black Friday so I emailed them this morning after reading your thread. Even though it has been more than 7 days since my order (less than 7 days since delivery) and the item actually already went back up to normal price today, they honoured the Black Friday price and I got a reply about my refund processing in less than 10 minutes. Extremely pleased with Amazon!

I bought several items 3 days ago and 3 of them dropped in price. I read all the helpful insights on here. Chatted with customer service (via live chat) and they will be refunding me in 24-48 hrs!! Thank you for the help!!!!!

I searched Google to see if Amazon gives price difference refunds and found your post. I did buy my item less than 7 days ago so I just submitted the request via email. They got back to me literally 2 minutes later and have refunded me the difference! Thanks for your help!

Just wanted to let people know my purchase from 13 days ago had a noticeable price drop ($15 to $10) and they provided me the difference using the said method in chat. Thanks a lot for the article! Amazon is amazing.

I googled and found your site. I sent the email per your instructions. Ten minutes later I got the response that I would receive a refund for the difference! The order was 5 days ago and the price had dropped $20.

Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change on NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router (R7000) . I recognize you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us.

I recently purchased JBL floorstanding speakers for $199 each and after 5 days the price dropped to $144. I contacted customer service via. their chat and the rep immediately refunded the difference. Happy to save $110 on my purchase.Amazon has great customer service.

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