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Where To Buy Discounted Halloween Candy

CNBC Make It crunched the numbers to get specific about what to buy and where to buy it, in order to get the best deals on Halloween candy. We reviewed the price per piece of over 40 types of the most popular snack-size and fun-size candy at three major retailers, Amazon, Target and Walmart.

where to buy discounted halloween candy

Everyone loves to indulge themselves the night of Oct. 31, and there are few things as exciting as raiding the local grocery and convenience stores for all the leftover Halloween candy that has now gone on sale. However, most people still want to eat candy after this night and this is where the challenge comes in.

But here's where things go a little off the rails. The candy crusader moves on to attack the elderly for giving out money. Let that sink in for a moment. Apparently if they are going to give out money they are expected to "throw some quarters in there" unless they want their house to be skipped by the child-sized entrepreneurs who are ruthlessly scouting the neighborhood for their best opportunity. "It's a calculated loss to trick or treaters after you adjust for inflation and the opportunity cost of what they could have received elsewhere if they just skipped your house," the PSA read.

But I must admit, I'm still like a kid when I see all this Halloween candy on store shelves. I remember all those years dressing up as Cinderella or Snow White and going out trick or treating with my brothers. I had that orange plastic pumpkin container that we all had growing up and I would get so happy when we would find a home where they were giving out great candy. Tops on my list for the best candy of Halloween: chocolate. I loved all those little miniature chocolate bars.

I also remember the homes where they were giving out less desirable candies.Some of my least favorites: Dum Dum suckers and tootsie rolls make the list. These clearly tell children you are cheap. But the worst candy I would find in my pumpkin tote are those chewy candies that come in black and orange wrappers.

Starting in 2020, many households came up with clever ways to deliver Halloween candy safely to revelers in the neighborhood. Some houses simply placed treats on a table on the porch, in the driveway or yard, or some other location where trick-or-treaters could help themselves to candy. (Of course, only commercially packaged, individually wrapped treats should be provided.)

Candy will slide successfully every time if there is at least 2 feet difference between the high end and the low end of the chute for every 6 feet of chute. If the slope is too shallow, the candy can get stuck in the middle somewhere. And no one wants that! 041b061a72


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