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The Weeknd - Less Than Zero (Official Lyric Video)

Remember I was your hero, yeahI'd wear your heart like a symbolI couldn't save you from my darkest truth of allI knowI'll always be less than zeroOh, yeahYou tried your best with me, I knowI couldn't face you with my darkest truth of allOh

The Weeknd - Less Than Zero (Official Lyric Video)

Screaming into the abyss is replaced by skipping, trotting, and dancing into it on Dawn FM, and coupled with its haunting cover, an accusatory is formed. Are we too shallow to endure the now? What happens when glamour recedes but its ghost remains? Why is the sound so retro it floats, while the lyrics describe someone inconsolable, even suicidal? Do we have collective fantasies about ruining ourselves before the world tries to ruin us? "You'd rather leave than to watch me die," the song "Less Than Zero" assumes like an inverse of Prince's "7," blaming the self: "I'll always be less than zero." He situates the self and the light in the underworld as entities we must be brave enough to call forth and bring with us above ground, redemptive possibilities that mumble beneath our habits of consumption and play. 041b061a72


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