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The House Of Black And White Full Movie Download In Italian Hd

Thanks to ongoing advancements in technology and resolution, modern films are more colorful than ever before. Yet there's something to be said for movies shot in black and white. For proof, look no further than popular, recent films like "Malcolm & Marie," "The Lighthouse," and "Roma." Each used black and white to convey a range of moods and ideas. Along similar lines, plenty of Old Hollywood directors still opted for black and white even when Technicolor was taking the industry by storm. That's not to mention the early days of cinema, when black and white movies were omnipresent.

The House of Black and White full movie download in italian hd

To determine the best black and white films of all time, Stacker dug into IMDb's broad database, which yielded a list spanning genres, decades, and nationalities. To qualify, each film had to be primarily in black and white, meaning color films with black and white sequences were not included. However, black and white films with sparse color sequences (such as "Schindler's List") were included. Each film also needed at least 10,000 votes to make the list. In the case of a rating tie, the movie with more votes ranked higher. Counting down from #100, here are the best black and white films of all time.

As the man behind "Lawrence of Arabia," director David Lean was no stranger to sweeping color. However, this romantic drama from 1945 proves he was just as adept shooting in black and white. It centers on the doomed love affair between a housewife and a doctor, who convene every Thursday at a railway station cafe.

According to legend, it was filmmaker Orson Welles who suggested that Peter Bogdanovich shoot this iconic drama in black and white. Set in an impoverished West Texas town circa 1951, the movie explores the lives of high schoolers as they grapple with their bleak futures. It was nominated for eight Academy Awards, taking home two.

Guardian angels hover over the city of Berlin in this romantic fantasy from 1987. When one of the angels falls in love with a mortal, he embarks on a quest to become human. Presented in black and white, the arthouse film offers an intimate glimpse of both the angels and the people they observe.

Master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock has a bevy of black and white masterpieces to his name, including this award-winning romantic thriller. The movie finds a newlywed bride (Joan Fontaine) playing second fiddle to her husband's (Laurence Olivier) deceased wife, Rebecca. While trying to get out from under Rebecca's shadow, the bride discovers a dangerous secret.

Based on a novel, this surrealist mystery finds a small Hungarian village losing its collective mind when the circus rolls into town. The movie consists of just 39 shots, while the use of black and white reinforces its cinema verite style. Lurking just beneath the bizarre surface are meditations on chaos and capitalism, according to Guardian writer Richard Williams.

One of the most well-known surrealist films of all time, this black (and white) comedy finds a group of upper-class adults unable to leave a swanky dinner party. As the bizarre conundrum plays itself out over multiple days, the persona of each guest starts to break down to the point of total collapse. Brimming with wicked satire, the movie reduces its elitist characters to animal behavior.

Director Martin Scorsese's second black and white effort is also one of his best. Based on the true story of boxer Jake LaMotta (played by Robert De Niro), "Raging Bull" pulls no punches in its depiction of LaMotta's brutish behavior. The real Jake LaMotta once asked his wife if he was really as abusive as the movie suggested, to which she replied, "You were worse."

More than one of the best black and white films of all time, Orson Welles' timeless classic is also considered one of the best movies ever made. It chronicles the rise of newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane, whose thirst for power seems unquenchable. Something of a commercial failure upon its release, the film is now universally acclaimed.

Skewering the industrial era, this 1936 comedy finds The Tramp trying to make ends meet in a modern world. Though it contains snippets of sound, the black and white film is largely a silent affair. Featured in the movie is one of cinema's most iconic gags, in which Chaplin slithers his way through the gears of a large machine.

When asked why he shot this award-winning film in black and white, director Steven Spielberg explained that he'd never actually seen Holocaust footage in color. The artistic decision gives the movie a palpable degree of authenticity, telling the true story of one man (Liam Neeson) who saves more than 1,000 Jews from execution during WWII.

So, as you're decorating your tree, wrapping gifts, baking cookies, or just in the mood to watch a holiday movie, put on a black and white classic! One of the following nine will be a refreshing respite from all the colored films you're used to watching this time of year.


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