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Farmax Excursions On Density Pdf Downloadl

Farmax Excursions On Density Pdf Downloadl >>>

Farmax Excursions On Density Pdf Downloadl


Farmax: A Visionary Project on Urban Density

Farmax is a visionary project by the Dutch architecture firm MVRDV that explores the possibilities of urban density and its implications for the future of cities. Farmax was first published in 1998 as a book that contains a series of hypothetical scenarios for high-density urban development in different contexts, such as Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, and New York. The book also includes essays and interviews with experts on urbanism, ecology, sociology, and economics.

The main concept behind Farmax is to maximize the floor area ratio (FAR) of urban plots, which is the ratio of the total floor area of a building to the area of the land it occupies. By increasing the FAR, more people can live and work in a smaller footprint, thus reducing the need for sprawl and transportation. Farmax proposes various strategies to achieve high FARs, such as stacking, folding, twisting, and perforating the building volumes. The resulting forms are often complex and irregular, creating diverse and dynamic spaces for living, working, and leisure.

Farmax also challenges the conventional notions of urban planning and design by questioning the existing regulations, typologies, and aesthetics of urban environments. Farmax argues that high-density urbanism can offer more social and environmental benefits than low-density urbanism, such as more diversity, interaction, efficiency, and sustainability. Farmax also suggests that high-density urbanism can be adaptable and flexible to accommodate different needs and preferences of the inhabitants.

Farmax is not only a theoretical project but also a practical one. MVRDV has applied some of the ideas and principles of Farmax to their real projects, such as the Silodam in Amsterdam, the Mirador in Madrid, and the Vertical Village in Taipei. These projects demonstrate how high-density urbanism can be realized in different contexts and scales, and how it can create innovative and attractive solutions for contemporary urban challenges.

Farmax is a visionary project that invites us to rethink the possibilities and potentials of urban density. It is a project that provokes us to imagine alternative futures for our cities and our planet.



Farmax is also a source of inspiration and influence for many architects and urbanists who are interested in the topic of urban density. Farmax has been exhibited, discussed, and reviewed in various venues and publications around the world. Farmax has also been used as a teaching tool and a research framework in several academic institutions, such as the Delft University of Technology, the Berlage Institute, and the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Farmax is more than a book or a project. It is a manifesto that advocates for a radical and experimental approach to urban density. It is a vision that challenges us to rethink the possibilities and potentials of urban density. It is a contribution that enriches the discourse and practice of urban design.

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