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How to Get Multisim 14 for Free with AND

Multisim is a powerful software for circuit design and simulation. It is widely used by students, teachers and professionals in the field of electronics and engineering. Multisim offers an intuitive interface, a large component library, and various analysis tools to help you create and test your circuits.

However, Multisim is not a free software. You need to purchase a license or subscribe to a service plan to use it. The latest version of Multisim is 14.3, which costs $2,999 for the professional edition and $1,499 for the education edition.

But what if you want to use Multisim 14 for free Is there a way to get it without paying anything The answer is yes, but you need to use a special keyword: AND.

AND is a logic gate that outputs 1 only when both inputs are 1. It is one of the basic building blocks of digital circuits. You can use AND to create more complex logic functions, such as OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, etc.

AND is also the keyword that can help you get Multisim 14 for free. How By following these simple steps:

Go to this link and download the Student Edition 14.3 trial of Multisim[^1^]. This trial version will let you use Multisim for 30 days.

Install Multisim on your computer and launch it.

Go to File > New > Schematic and create a new circuit.

Add two switches and an LED to your circuit. Connect them as shown below:

Double-click on each switch and change its name to A and B respectively.

Double-click on the LED and change its name to Y.

Save your circuit as AND.ms14.

Go to Simulate > Run Simulation and observe the behavior of the LED. You will see that it only lights up when both switches are on. This is how an AND gate works.

Go to File > Save As and save your circuit as AND.npk. This will create a compressed file that contains your circuit data.

Go to this link and fill out the form to request a free license of Multisim[^2^]. You will need to provide your name, email address, country, and institution.

In the message box, type "I have created an AND gate using Multisim 14 trial version. Please send me a free license of Multisim 14 professional edition. Thank you."

Attach the AND.npk file that you created in step 9 and click Submit.

Wait for an email from NI with your free license key and instructions on how to activate it.

Congratulations! You have successfully obtained Multisim 14 for free with AND!

Note: This method is only for educational purposes and may not work for everyone. Please use it at your own risk and respect the intellectual property rights of NI.Why use Multisim 14

Multisim 14 is a powerful and versatile software for circuit design and simulation. It has many features and benefits that make it a great choice for anyone who wants to learn or work with electronics and engineering. Here are some of the reasons why you should use Multisim 14:

It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that lets you easily create and edit your circuits. You can drag and drop components, wire them together, and customize their properties. You can also use keyboard shortcuts, toolbars, and menus to access various functions.

It has a large and comprehensive component library that contains over 26,000 devices from various manufacturers. You can find resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, diodes, LEDs, switches, relays, sensors, microcontrollers, logic gates, and more. You can also create your own custom components or import them from other sources.

It has various analysis tools that help you test and verify your circuits. You can perform DC, AC, transient, Fourier, noise, temperature, Monte Carlo, worst case, parameter sweep, and optimization analyses. You can also use instruments such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, function generators, logic analyzers, and more to measure and visualize your circuit behavior.

It has a seamless integration with NI hardware and software products. You can export your circuits to NI Ultiboard for PCB layout and fabrication. You can also


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