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Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth 1001 Save [Everything Unlocked]

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There are also a few instances of a game having completion of over 100% as a joke on the part of the developers. Take, for example, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. This game doesn't ordinarily track completion percentage, but if the player collects and completes everything in the game, a completion percentage of 1001% is displayed on their save file. In Afterbirth Plus, this was changed to 1,000,000%.

The game also features 100% completion of one level only. The level is World Three, found in the World IV section of Super Mario World, and is unlocked by having all 12 lives on each of the three worlds. Progress on this level can be viewed in the Scattered Stars section of the World IV World Map.

999.9% complete, even though the %'s don't exactly mean anything, just that it gets you to the ending. In this case the ending is a combination of all the terms on the instruction page of the NES game manual.

A patch for the Japanese fan-made game Northlight: Flower of Life, works at 100% completion - the game and it's sequel Northlight 2 are, of course, fanmade. At 100% you get to the starting point. Little did its creators know that at this point they would be influenced by Nintendo. d2c66b5586


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