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Miss Marple: A Murder Is Announced (1985) Portu...

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In December 2009, casual game developer and publisher Legacy Interactive, under license with Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group (UPDPG), announced the release a PC and Macintosh video game based on the television series. In the game, players help Jessica Fletcher to solve five unusual murders. A sequel, Murder She Wrote 2, was launched by Legacy Interactive in November 2012.

The Trans-Atlantic Mystery (Vitaphone, 1932). Director: Joseph Henabery. Writer: Burnet Hershey, from a story by S. S. Van Dine. Camera: E. B. Du Par. Cast: Donald Meek, John Hamilton, Betty Pierce, Ray Collins. (21 minutes, sound, b&w, 35mm; LC Collection). Transatlantic Tunnel (Gaumont-British, 1935). Director: Maurice Elvey. Writers: Kurt Siodmak, L. DuGarde Peach, and Clemence Dane, from the novel by Bernhard Kellermann. Camera: Günther Krampf. Cast: Richard Dix, Helen Vinson, Madge Evans, Leslie Banks, C. Aubrey Smith, George Arliss, Walter Huston. (94 minutes, sound, b&w, 35mm; print courtesy of National Film & Television Archive). The British remake of the 1933 German film Der Tunnel, itself based on a 1913 novel of the same title, is a spectacular futuristic fantasy with a star-studded Anglo-American cast, including Walter Huston in the role of the U.S. President and George Arliss as the Prime Minister of Great Britain. World- wide television broadcasts, "televisionary telephony," and a transatlantic flight for a quick conference in New York (with a "gyroscope" landing on a penthouse roof), impressed the Variety reviewer as being "casually written in, as if taken for granted." Don't miss this one! It is preceded by The Trans-Atlantic Mystery, a Vitaphone short about a murder investigation involving a cargo of stolen jewels aboard an ocean liner. Friday, March 10, 2000 John Bull and Uncle Sam 59ce067264


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