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Prison Mine Pack (32 Mines Spawn)

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Prison Mine Pack (32 Mines Spawn)

The goal of Prison is to rank up from rank A to rank Z9. Players can mine and sell ores and wood, or sell drops from mob spawners to the /shop to gather money. Spawners were added in Prison 3.0, and have been a popular way to get money ever since. The rank up costs increase the further the player ranks up, furthering the challenge for each prestige. Players used to have their own plots where they could build and store items. Starting from Prison 9.0 they also had a private mine which they could configure if they had reached prestige 1. With Prison 10.0 the plots were removed and replaced entirely by private mines. There is also a Wilderness PvP area, and Mines for ranks A-Z, Premium Ranks, and Wood. There were originally only ranks up to Z but ranks Z1 to Z9 were added on the 27th of July 2015. There used to be a shop warp before Prison 4.0, but it was replaced by a GUI shop (accessible via the /shop command).

There have been 14 resets to Prison. The first reset took place on the 13th of April 2016. The reset added a new spawn, new item collection system, bulk Selling signs, new designs for every other mine and the removal of ranks Z1 to Z9. However, the ranks were quickly added back.

The second reset happened on the 8th of June 2017. This reset added a new spawn, new mine designs, Wilderness, /Prisontop, chest envoys, and spawners. On the 13th of June 2017 Gambling was added. This allowed the users to spend money and get good rewards. The prices of gambling were 5k, 25k, 125k, 250k, 750k, 1.5 mil and 3 mil. The rewards were double the price and ranged from a 45% chance to a 35% chance of winning.

The third reset happened on the 24th of February 2018. New features in the third reset included /Bottle perk for Diamond rank and higher, the removal of a market warp (GUI instead), new spawn and some new mine warps. A new server event called Last Man Standing was introduced and many plugins were updated. Later, on the 29th of June 2018, Wager Duels were added to Prison.

On the 23rd of September 2018 Prison 5.0 was released. A new spawn, mines and plotworld spawn were added. New features included Prison Gangs, Trade command, Coinflips, Boss Battles, Bounties, Kit GUI, Disguises and [item] feature in chat. In addition, Last Man Standing was completely redone. There were also some bug fixes. The Boss Battles were removed a day later, on the 24th of September 2018 due to bugs. The introduction of new mob drops (Roses) from Iron Golems enabled players to create 'flower farms' by purchasing bone meal from the shop, growing roses on their plots, and then reselling the roses at incredibly high values. This was quickly patched by changing the value of both roses and bone meal to ensure that the process would not be profitable.

Prison 6.0 was released on the 13th of April 2019. A new spawn, mines and plotworld were added. Custom Enchantments and Tokens were also added. Tokens could be obtained from mining and could be used to buy spawners and custom enchantments. The Treasure Chest rewards were changed, vehicles allowed on plots, a hopper limit was introduced and many bugs were fixed. SellWands were also added, along with gang upgrades. A new use for Tokens was added on the 18th April 2019; repairing tools and armour.

On the 31st of January 2020 Prison 7.0 was released. It included various quality of life changes and new features. The spawn was updated and a new design for the plotworld was added. The default plot layout also changed from only grass into grass, green clay and diorite on the edges. In addition, the plot size was changed from 33x33 to 51x51 and players were now able to delete plots. Gangs got new features, such as allies, bank and chest. Rename scrolls were changed into multiple-use ones, SellWands got a throttle, Custom Enchantment "Miners Delight" was added and Holographic Skulls were added. The mines would now reset when they were 50% mined. A new upgradeable pickaxe was add


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