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Windows 10: Upgrade To V1903 End With Error 0xc190012e

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Windows 10: Upgrade To V1903 End With Error 0xc190012e

This tutorial contains instructions to fix the error 0xc190012e in Windows 10 Update: "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 failed with error 0xc190012e". The update error 0xc190012e, was encountered on an old Sony Vaio laptop (VGN-SR39VN), with 4GB RAM and the Kingston SSD 240GB installed, when trying to upgrade it from Windows 10 v1809 to v1903.

10. Normally, the update will be installed without any problem. If still fails, then follow the instructions, at step-5 below to fix the errors in Windows system files, and then re-apply the same steps from the beginning.

When upgrading, i.e. installing a feature update, to version 1903, there can be all sorts of errors with a termination of the process. Many aborts return an error code 0xC1900xxx, where the placeholders xxx stand for the last three digits and provide the exact cause. In the current case, the blog reader got such an error code, but didn't give me the xxx values. But he quickly identified the root cause of the error on the two AMD notebooks and writes:

That was still a question from Frank at the end of May 2019. Later he came across an MSND forum post HNS failed with error : Element not found] when creating network w/ interface name specified from Rafael Rivera, that seems to address the same issue.

[German]Users who want to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1903 may get an error message with the code 0xc190012e. Here is a rough overview, whereby I cannot name any cause for the error at the moment. There is only a suspicion, it could be SSD related.

It would be interesting to ask to what extent the installation problem with USB media, which I had discussed in April in the blog post Windows 10 V1903: External USB storage as Upgrade blocker, is fixed. Microsoft writes on the status page that this is partially fixed with the June 2019 update. However, colleagues at state that this problem has not yet been fixed. So you still have to either mount an ISO file under Windows 10 for an in-place upgrade, or burn a DVD for installation. A USB installation medium created with the Media Creation tool should cause problems.

I tried to put an older test machine online, which still runs with an older build 1703 of Windows 10. It was noticeable that the feature update to version 1709 was displayed as a pending update, but with an installation error. Then, during the update search, the featureupdate to version 1803 was offered and installed without any issues after downloading and triggering a restart.

[German]There is a known issue with Windows SIM when a 64-bit Windows ADK is installed on the machine. Then administrators will get errors when creating auto anwer files for an installation. Microsoft has now released version 1903 for Windows SIM for error correction.

This learning model makes the decision about a release dynamically by working through various rules. But that model is constantly changing due to the telemetry data from other machines. So it can be possible, that a manual upgrade using an an ISO file created with the Media Creation Tool will work flawless.

I have become aware of this problem through this article at German site Since the end of May 2019 Nvidia has published an article GPU may display Code 43 error in Device Manger on some Windows 10 May 2019 Update PCs with Intel Sandy Bridge class CPU, which deals with the problem.

he Nvidia Graphics Unit (GPU) can drop the error code 43 in Device Manager on some systems with Windows 10 May 2019 Update if an Intel Sandy Bridge CPU is installed. The error occurs in Device Manager under the following conditions.

The update deeply interferes with the existing Windows 10 installation, cleans user-set update blockers, creates free disk space on the system drive if necessary, resets the network connection and more. More details about this cyclically released update can be found in the article Windows 10: Update KB4023057 re-released (02/14/2019). Another special feature is that this update is installed as an app and may cause installation errors (see my older blog post Windows 10: Update KB4023057 re-released (01/16/2019)).

To solve the Windows update error 0xc190012e you can run the Boot configuration data (BCD) code. There are also other solutions provided that can be applied to help to fix this error.

Para resolver el error de actualización de Windows 0xc190012e, puede ejecutar el código de datos de configuración de arranque (BCD). También se proporcionan otras soluciones que se pueden aplicar para ayudar a corregir este error.

Again Make Sure All Installed Device Drivers Are Updated and compatible with the current windows version. Especially Display Driver, Network Adapter, and Audio Sound Driver. You Can Check and update Them From the Device Manager.

As discussed before, corrupted windows update components cause Different windows Update installation / Upgrade problems. If the windows update troubleshooter failed to fix the issue, Still Windows 10 22H2 Update fails to install with Error 0xc1900223 or 0xc1900101, Then Reset the windows update components by performing the steps below.

Also If you are getting Windows Update stuck while the upgrade process simply use the official media creation tool to upgrade to windows 10 version 22H2 without any error or problem, or You Can Download Windows 10 ISO File for manually upgrade or Perform Clean install windows 10 22H2 update.

Per risolvere l'errore di aggiornamento di Windows 0xc190012e è possibile eseguire il codice dei dati di configurazione di avvio (BCD). Sono disponibili anche altre soluzioni che possono essere applicate per aiutare a correggere questo errore. 153554b96e


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